Glitter Girl MUA Pro Discount

Glitter Girl Make up Artist Professional Discount Card

Glitter Girl MUA Pro Discount

Because we love all things glitter and makeup and we know you do too, we’ve introduced an EXCLUSIVE Glitter Girl Makeup Artists’ Pro Discount program.


This allows you early access to new launches before the general public, sales and of course a 20% industry only discount on all orders*.

This program is open to all qualified and self-taught makeup artists actively working in the makeup industry. In other words – This IS your sole profession.

To be eligible for the Glitter Girl MUA Pro Discount simply fill in the form below and attach the required documentation (a list of what is required can be found below).

Once approved you will be sent a unique discount code via email*. This code is to be used by you and you alone. Sharing of this code with family, friends or followers will result in your code being deactivated and revoked.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out the application form below

  2. Attached required documents


  1. Copy of professional certificate/diploma

  2. If currently studying makeup artistry a copy of your enrollment form

  3. If self-taught a copy of your business card

  4. Copy of current government issued photo ID



*Discount does not apply to shipping fees.

*Applications may take up to 2 weeks to be processed, once ALL documentation has been received.

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