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Glitter girl Makeup Brand

Glitter Makeup, Loose Glitter & Glitter Accessories for all Glitter Lovers.

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Glitter Girl – whimsical makeup & sparkly accessories for young Unicorns. 

A joyful brand for sparkle lovers around the world. Founded and Designed by 10 year old Girl Boss, for young girls aged 6 to 14 years who are environmentally aware & born to shine.

Together with our small team of Magical Unicorns I have created an eco conscious Makeup Brand for glitter lovers, fairy followers & twinkling tweens! 

Our ethical products are created to bring happiness, inspire confidence and spark joy in our precious customers that we call the #GlitterGirlTribe

Vegan, cruelty free, cosmetic grade eco glitter, glitter makeup and sparkly accessories.

About Glitter Girl

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Cosmetic Grade Eco Glitter, Glitter Makeup & Sparkly Fun Accessories.

First of all let’s tell you a little about our business, whilst floating in the sparkling blue waters of Ohau Hawaii in 2016, a little 9-year-old Aussie girl with big dreams, came up with the concept of a brand that was magical.

A store that sold everything for Unicorns all around the world who adore all things Makeup, Glitter & Sparkles without harming the Dolphins.

Little did we know this teeny tiny idea in her mind would be launched online October of 2017 and go Ka-boom!

From this point on Glitter Girl has grown into a multi-faceted brand of Loose Eco Glitter, Vegan & Cruelty Free Glitter Makeup & accessories, supplying to companies and customers all around the world.


Glitter Girl’s mission is to save the planet from single use plastics, while providing a product that is Vegan, Eco Friendly and cruelty free! 

She spreads happiness wherever she goes and encourages her #GlitterGirlTibe to be creative, supportive & most of all kind.

She is loved by her loyal followers and was the star at the Gold Coasts’ very first Unicorn Festival with people lining up for over 2 hours to have her add some sparkle to their lives.

**Glitter Girl is ALL SPARKLE ZERO GUILT  **

Safe for our Planet

Cosmetic Quality

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Not Plastic! Made from Plant Based Film

40% softer than Plastic Glitter

Feels great on your skin

Guaranteed to Sparkle your Heart and Soul.

Sophia Rizzo Kidpreneur of Glitter Girl on the Gold Coast

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Glitter Girl and her mission to spread happiness one speck of glitter at a time. 

We would be super excited to have you as part of the #GlitterGirlTribe & help expand our fabulous Glitter-tastic business through your network.

You were born to sparkle!”

Who is the brains behind the brand?

This 10year old IS GLITTER GIRL.

She is the Founder, Developer & Princess of the Unicorns.

Sophia: My Dream would be for everyone

in the whole wide world to

wear my glitter every single day,

because Glitter makes everyone happy!

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We are proudly an Australian family business driven by the idea’s of our ultimate Glitter Girl. 

Our business ideal is to “Spread happiness, one speck of glitter at a time”


Harvested from our magical stable of thoroughbred Unicorns, with the utmost care.

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Join the #GlitterGirlTribe and share Glitter Girls vision in “Spreading Happiness, one Speck of Glitter at a time.”

glitter girl appearance
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Glitter Girl kids makeup brand

Our followers are a fierce tribe that have a intense love of Glitter. They adore the Unicorn Glitter, harvested with the utmost care and comes in many wonderful mixes and colour.

The Unicorn Glitter Girl Glitter adds a fabulous sparkle to the Hair for a great night out and especially for Music Festivals or concerts and you can shop with After pay Now Available!

Glitter Girl

~ If you are unsure of how to apply our products, head over to our

Inspirations Page

for many ideas and loads of inspiration.

~ If you would like your local Hairdresser, Beauty store or Dance Performance club

to stock the Glitter Girl Brand,

make sure you tell them about us

and they can click here to make contact:



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GG loves you & you were born to sparkle.


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